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EduStitch was founded to teach you basic and advanced suturing techniques quickly and adequately. As suturing and basic surgical skills often receive insufficient attention in medical and paramedical education, we thought developing a practical teaching method would be a good idea. In the last 15 years many students and professionals gain by using our products and training methods.

EduStitch’s training method and materials were co-developed and tested at the Medical Faculty of the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam and have been applied and continuously updated since 2008. Hence one of the owners is trained as a trauma surgeon with a Ph.D. focused on surgical anatomical teaching.

You have purchased the EduStitch e-learning product separately or bought a suture set plus this e-learning. Congratulations!

The basic module you are about to explore has the following components:

  • Basic principles of wound healing
  • Risk factors for complicated wound healing
  • Properties of suture materials and instruments
  • Preparation, local anesthesia, and procedures of importance during stitching
  • Transcutaneous stitching technique
  • Alternative stitching methods
  • Aftercare and removal of sutures

Stitching a wound requires good preparation. When should you and when should you not close a wound with stitches? Which suturing technique and which suture material is suitable for a particular situation? And how do you apply stitching techniques properly and safely? This e-learning module prepares you for transcutaneous suturing practice with background information, images, videos, and interactions.

In the final test, you can test whether you fully understand the theoretical context of suturing and wound healing. If necessary, you can go through the steps again. To pass the test, you must score at least 70% on the final test to be awarded the PE point for the e-learning course (currently only valet in the Netherlands).

Target group

This introductory e-learning course is meant for anyone who needs to be able to stitch independently in medical and paramedical practice. The basic module will soon be expanded with specific modules for each specialty.

Timeline and working method

This e-learning module takes about 1 to 1,5 hour(s) to complete. It is best done in one or two sessions. It would be best to have a PC, laptop, or tablet to view it.
   There is a background information button on some pages. If you click this button, you will see additional background information.

Good luck, and enjoy going through this basic suturing techniques module! If you have any questions or remarks, please do not hesitate to email us.