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Surgical suturing: learned in a trice

Learning the basic techniques of suturing quickly and correctly is now possible with the complete suturing course of EduStitch. Most medicine studies pay little or no attention to suturing skills and we considered it useful to develop a practical training method. The suturing course is packaged in a single box: a complete suturing kit to teach you how to suture. Both the EduStitch training method and educational materials have been developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine at Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

License package

Are you a professional and would you like to teach others how to suture? Buy our license package specifically tailored for educational organizations. The organization pays a yearly license fee which allows unlimited use of the instructional videos, the PowerPoint presentation and the course manual...

Demo video

In this (accelerated) instructional video you will see how easy it is to learn suturing with the EduStitch suturing pad. The flexible top layer, which imitates the skin allows you to practice as often as you want to.  Click here for a complete product description.

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