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About Edustitch

EduStitch is the perfect partner for suturing courses. You can start right away with the full training method using the artificial skin and instruments packaged in a single box. As a professional, you can also license our training method in order to teach others how to suture.

Complete suturing course in a single box 
The suturing course in a single box consists of a complete training method including instructional videos and a detailed manual that will teach you step-by-step how to apply the suturing techniques on the accompanying artificial skin. This means you can start working independently, at your own pace, at any time and place and practice as much as you want.

License package for professionals who want to teach others
Even for medical specialists who already know how to suture but would like to teach suturing to others we have a special license package: a ready-to-go training method including a PowerPoint presentation, instructional videos and digital manuals and e-learnings. You will be on your way in no time.

In short: EduStitch offers suturing courses at any level, both for class-room education and self-study. Please feel free to contact us with either questions or remarks.

The people behind EduStitch
During his medicine study in Rotterdam Hilco Theeuwes MD, surgeon, noticed that very little attention was given to suturing skills. Theeuwes was asked by the faculty to set up an extensive suturing course for beginning interns. While the course was running in the online educational platform SkillsPlaza of Erasmus Medical Center the idea was born to further improve suturing materials which led to the company EduStitch v.o.f. being founded in 2009. The purpose was to make the suturing course available to a wider audience, to further extend the training method and to ensure a better preparation for daily practice: Education before the job!

The activities of EduStitch soon started to accelerate. This required further expansion and Quinta Theeuwes, Hilco’s sister, came on board. Her years of experience in marketing and communication were a perfect addition to the company: she organized a new corporate identity and a website with online shop. The company started participating in conferences and the number of workshops steadily increased. As of 2012 EduStitch runs at full speed.

     H.P. (Hilco) Theeuwes, surgeon and co-owner   

     Responsible for:
     - Medical content
     - Research and development

 Q.I. (Quinta) Theeuwes, co-owner            

      Responsible for:
      - Marketing and communication
      - Purchasing and sales

Do you have ambitions to work for EduStitch to expand our services in your country? Follow this link.

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