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License package for organizations

Are you a professional and would you like to teach others how to suture? Buy our license package specifically tailored for educational organizations. The organization pays a yearly license fee which allows unlimited use of the instructional videos, the PowerPoint presentation and the course manual. You will get the license package if your first order consists of a minimum of 10 complete suturing kits at € 85,- per unit (including VAT and shipping).

The costs of a license depend on your target audience. Please contact us for a tailor-made quotation.

Apart from the suturing kits, presentation and manuals needed for each course participant, the license package also contains an additional set of English-spoken instructional videos demonstrating:

How to work (in a sterile fashion) with the sterile suturing kit
Unpacking and putting on of sterile gloves
Preparation of local anesthetic
How to anesthetize the skin with a local anesthetic
Transcutaneous suturing
Horizontal matras stitch
Continuous intracutaneous suturing
Stapler technique (stapling of the skin)
Nevus excision
Manual knotting

Pleas contact us for a tailor-made quotation.

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