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DIY: Complete suturing course in a box PRO+

Teaching yourself to suture is possible with the complete suturing course from EduStitch. The skin colored PRO+ suturing kit is suitable for practicing as well your transcutaneous as intracutaneous  suturing skills. No need to use materials from animals anymore to practice your suturing skills!

The EduStitch suturing box consists of:

  • 1x EduStitch suturing pad PRO developed by EduStitch
  • 1x Holder for suturing pad
  • 1x Surgical (Adson) forceps
  • 1x Needle holder (Mayo-Hegar)
  • 4x suturing thread with integrated needle
  • 1x Scalpel
  • 1x Loose cord for practicing manual knotting
  • 1x Complete digital manual, written by professionals
  • 1x Unique pocket card
  • 1x login credentials for the instructional videos

Using your own EduStitch suturing course in a box you can practice suturing and knotting as often as you want!

Further details:
Including manual suturing techniques
The accompanying manual contains (besides many practical tips) background information about working in a sterile environment, wound healing and choosing the right suturing materials. The manual also explains different suturing techniques and demonstrates minor surgical procedures which you can also watch in the online instructional videos. It is written by professionals and contains both a theoretical and a practical part.

Including instructional videos of suturing
Over 10 English-spoken instructional videos are available online. You can watch these videos anytime allowing you to practice as long and often as you want to better prepare yourself for real-world situations. Using the loose cord you can learn to apply knots manually, a technique that is often used in practice especially for sutures of the abdomen and subcutis.
NOTE: At this moment the instructional video's are only available in Dutch, we are working on the English versions.

Including handy pocket card
The pocket card is your friend: always available. What should you do? What shouldn’t you do? Which type of thread to use when? What to do when a traumatic incident occurred only an hour ago, as opposed to thirteen hours? You can read it all from a small card developed by EduStitch as a handy reminder which you can carry with you at all times.
NOTE: At this moment the pocket card is only available in Dutch. 

Including high-quality suturing pad with holder
The EduStitch suturing pad is made from long-lasting, nontoxic silicon material. The pad consists of multiple layers so that a suture does not easily rupture and closely imitates natural skin. This makes the suturing pad ideally suited for learning transcutaneous suturing techniques. The pad is not suited for intracutaneous suturing. However, the continuous intracutaneous suturing technique receives plenty of attention in the manual and is also demonstrated in the online instructional videos. So, you can teach yourself this technique, for example, using animal material. Using your own EduStitch suturing kit you can practice suturing and knotting as often as you want!

The complete suturing course PRO costs € 65,-. Are you a student of a medical study? After your purchase, send a digital scan or photo of your studentcard to info@edustitch.com. You will pay, not € 65,- but € 55,- for a complete suturing course in a box. Shipping costs excluded. To apply for this student discount make sure the name on the card matches the name provided with the bank transaction. The discount applies to orders of max. 3 kits per person.
NOTE: because our video's and pocketcard are not available in English yet, we lowered the price for now. Shipping costs excluded. The right prices will be shown in the shopping cart.

The student discount only applies to the complete suturing course in a box. 

Place your order using the order button on the right side of this page. When you have finished shopping click on the shopping cart and follow the instructions. You can pay with your creditcard, PayPal, Sofort Banking, Belfius Direct Net, Bancontact or KBC/CBC. You will immediately receive a confirmation of your order by email. However, your order will be finalized only after we have received your payment.  As soon as your payment is received we will send your order by mail to the address you provided (within 10 working days at most).

If payment with one of these options above is not an option for you, you can also finalize your order by sending us an email asking for an invoice. As soon as you paid the invoice we will sent your order.

Studentsdiscount is provided on the complete courses only when you follow a medical related study.
Do you have a discountcode? You can use it when filling up the orderform.

The shippingcosts for each order are automatically  added to your shopping cart. The price above is without shippingcosts. If you order over € 75, the order will be free of shippingcosts.

DIY: Complete suturing course in a box PRO+
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