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Suturing pad with holder PRO

Suturing pad with holder
Don’t need a complete suturing kit but only the EduStitch suturing pad and holder for extra practice? This is also possible.
The EduStitch suturing pad is made from long-lasting, nontoxic silicon material. The pad consists of multiple layers so that a suture does not easily rupture and closely imitates natural skin. This makes the suturing pad ideally suited for learning transcutaneous suturing techniques. The pad is not suited for intracutaneous suturing. You can teach yourself this technique, for example, using animal material. Using your own EduStitch suturing pad with holder you can practice suturing and knotting as often as you want!

Suturing threads thinner than 3/0 are not suited for the EduStitch pad. They can cause unnecessary damage to the material. For this reason, we advise the use of a thread of 3/0 or more and encourage you to order it through our website.

The EduStitch suturing pad with holder costs € 25,00. 

Place your order using the order button on the right side of this page. You can pay with your creditcard or PayPal. 
You will immediately receive a confirmation of your order by email. However, your order will be finalized only after we have received your payment.  As soon as your payment is received we will send the complete suturing kit by mail to the address you provided (within 10 working days at most).

If payment with Creditcard or PayPal is not an option for you, you can also finalize your order by sending us an email asking for an invoice. As soon as you paid the invoice we will sent your order.

Suturing pad with holder PRO
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